Positive Psychology in Coaching

Our Positive Psychology in Coaching short course is designed for psychology graduates or positive psychology postgraduates looking to specialise in this area. It is also suitable for managers who provide coaching as part of a team or within human resources. This unique course will help you gain the knowledge, tools and skills that will enable you to apply positive psychology principles to your coaching.

What will this course cover

Positive psychology is centred on theories and research involving understanding and developing wellbeing, optimal functioning and positive traits such as hope, resilience and flourishing.

The science of positive psychology can provide an evidence-based framework around a high standard of coaching practice. Whilst good coaching practices involve forming co-created relationships with clients, the application of positive psychology tools, techniques and approaches within coaching sessions can provide profound and unique benefits. These benefits include improved wellbeing, flourishing, engagement and performance.

This University accredited course focuses specifically on the training of approaches, methods and interventions from positive psychology applied within coaching practice. The course is also approved by the International Society in Coaching Psychology.

This short course involves 48 hours of face-to-face teaching including lectures, experiential group work, co-coaching, class presentations (either individual or as a group) and feedback.

The course is approved by the International Society in Coaching Psychology and by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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