Business Services

University Campus Aylesbury Vale is a professional, attractive venue in the town centre which we want local businesses, schools and other groups to use. The atrium is large enough to host events and on the first and second floors there are rooms and open spaces available for a variety of uses. With free wifi access, modern IT facilities and flexible space, University Campus Aylesbury Vale is an excellent venue for visitors.

The campus has proved to be an excellent venue for events and conferences. We have hosted two large conferences where the mix of formal presentation space and more open space for exhibitors and networking has worked well. A number of businesses have hired individual rooms for meetings, away days and formal presentations and we have held our own networking events and presentations for business and stakeholder groups.

The Bucks Skills Show on July 2 used the entire building to showcase career opportunities to the county’s young people. Do keep an eye out for regular business events at the campus. We want to work with the region’s businesses and will be setting up events where businesses can understand how the college and university can work with them to help with staff recruitment and skills development.

With the coming changes to apprenticeship funding and the launch of degree apprenticeships, University Campus Aylesbury Vale considers itself to be an important source of advice and guidance for employers wanting to understand how the new levy and voucher system works.

If you are interested in finding out more about our business services, please email