Campus location and facilities perfect for student Steph

Steph Smith is studying a Foundation Degree in Computing with Aylesbury College at University Campus Aylesbury Vale and has explained why the course and its location of study is proving perfect for her.

Steph, who works in IT support at Systech Instruments Ltd in Thame, Oxfordshire, said PC provision and facilities made the Campus an ideal place for her to make the most of the course.

At Systech Instruments Ltd, Steph, who lives in Aylesbury, is responsible for managing servers, hardware, and network software and resolving IT issues for three companies in the Systech Illinois group, based in the UK, America and China. Her forthcoming projects include working on a site installation in China.

She said: “The facilities at University Campus Aylesbury Vale are brilliant. There are new PCs available for Computing students to use as well as another space outside the computing areas where other students can work from. There is also a social space available which has been extremely helpful when doing group project work as discussions could take place outside the classroom.

“The benefit of having a different site is that University Campus Aylesbury Vale is a much quieter building, which helped for revision before an exam or in preparing for a presentation.

“What I found particularly good was the free use of PCs where work could be completed outside of class, especially with software which costs a lot of money to buy. I would recommend students come to University Campus Aylesbury Vale as the classes tend to be smaller and therefore the tutor can focus more on an individual. The general staff around UCAV are also very friendly and helpful.”

Speaking about her course she said: “I chose to study the Foundation Degree in Computing at Aylesbury College as the course content was ideal for me in developing the knowledge I needed to be more effective at work.

“I had just completed an apprenticeship and wanted to develop myself further. My manager and I decided that this was the best course available as it covered the key areas I needed including networking and databases.

“The course has helped me with my job role, mainly with the networking side of things as well as how to create documentation. I have found using diagrams across different aspects of the modules has helped me develop documentation and planning alongside my job. In terms of my next steps I am enjoying working at Systech and intend to continue. I aim to complete the one-year top up to a full degree qualification.”

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