Choose your career at Bucks Skills Show

Bucks_Skills_Show_Logo-CMYK smallBuckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership (BTVLEP), through its Buckinghamshire Skills and Employability Programme, prides itself on successfully supporting the educational and employment needs of young people in Buckinghamshire.

So much so it is hosting The Bucks Skills Show on Saturday 2 July to highlight the broad range of career options available to young people and allowing leading businesses to showcase careers in their business sectors.  The Bucks Skills Show takes place at University Campus Aylesbury Vale from 10am-4pm on Saturday 2 July and is aimed at people aged 14-19 and their parents, to gain impartial, varied exposure to as many careers and employers as possible. The event comprises exhibitors and speakers, so that 14-19-year-olds are inspired, become better informed, and ultimately make better decisions about the next stage of their education or career. For further information go to:

Exhibitors and speakers – including big names such as Glaxo Smith Kline, GE Healthcare, SEMTA, Silverson, Cisco, Intel, ICAEW, Sky, Pinewood Studios, BBC Three Counties Radio, John Lewis and the Big Bang – will be in attendance covering a diverse career selection, including key growth sectors such as life sciences, cyber security, IT, creative industries, retail, engineering and the care sector.

Jackie Campbell, Skills Development Manager at BTVLEP, said: “Young people are looking for fulfilling careers and want to be sure of their future direction.

“At our first Skills Show it is important that we showcase a wide spectrum of career paths for consideration through a range of experiential stands (everyone will be able to have a go and get involved!) and inspiring speakers, alongside the popular options of college and university to provide our workforce of tomorrow, and their parents, with all the facts and information to make informed career choices.”

All stands present an opportunity for young people to sample and try different careers. Edward Adoo of BBC Three Counties Radio will have recording and broadcast equipment; GE Healthcare will have high-end imaging equipment; and Silverson will have industrial mixers and strange ingredients. Colleges and training providers will also be present to advise on education and training decisions.

In addition, there is an exciting line-up of high profile industry and education professionals speaking insightfully about their careers throughout the day. Speakers include Sarah Wright, head of acquisitions at Sky TV, who bought Game of Thrones and Modern Family for Sky; Brendan Walker, described by The Times as “the world’s only Thrill Engineer” and the brains behind some of our most exhilarating rollercoasters; and Ketan Makwana, TED talker, serial entrepreneur, coach and mentor on being innovative and becoming successful. Others include Helen Pearce from John Lewis will be talking about careers in retail from the shop floor to head office; Paul Owen, from Talentspotters, on busting myths on careers in sales; and young apprentice Joseph Bishieri on how he left university when he changed his mind on becoming a doctor and is now building a successful career as a dynamic apprentice in IT and coding, and may even go back to university again!

The event is being promoted by radio station Mix96. The Buckinghamshire Skills and Employability Programme, which has at its heart improved engagement with employers by skills and education providers, is focused on inspiring young people and helping them understand the relevance of their education. A key element is bridging the gap between young people and employers. The Buckinghamshire Skills Hub is highly instrumental in helping local businesses reach students and help prepare them for the fast-changing world of work.

The BTVLEP, formed in January 2012, is a business-driven partnership of equals between private sector and Local Government and balances a uniquely strong collective business voice with a cohesive elected local leadership. Coming together to engineer the conditions needed to drive forward business prosperity in the county and beyond, BTVLEP recognises that an important part of this is to support education and skills providers and employers to ensure our young people have the right skills to meet the needs of the economy, including the growth sectors such as life-sciences, space, creative industries and advanced engineering.
The Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership (BTVLEP) is a business-led ‘partnership of equals’ between local government and the private sector, building the conditions for sustainable economic growth in the County.

Buckinghamshire Business First (BBF), is the Growth Hub for Buckinghamshire and is backed by Buckinghamshire based entrepreneurs, thousands of SMEs and Local Authorities. BBF provides the link between public policy and the business community in Buckinghamshire and works with partners to create a dynamic business environment in the Entrepreneurial Heart of Britain.

Bucks New University academic explains how telehealth and assistive technology are changing patients’ lives

The Centre of Excellence for Telehealth and Assisted Living (CETAL) at Bucks New University oversees the Buckinghamshire Assisted Living Labs centre at University Campus Aylesbury Vale.

Director Firas Sarhan explains the importance of telehealth in today’s society and the difference assistive technology makes to the everyday lives of millions of people across the world.

Firas Sarhan, who is also a rehabilitation specialist in spinal cord injury, says: “Telehealth provides a number of solutions to help improve the quality of life for people living with conditions including chronic breathing problems, diabetes, dementia, spinal cord injury, and neurological and mental health issues. It also works to provide appropriate care to the elderly and can support a wide range of other health issues too.

“Rather than patients having to attend hospital every three or four months for routine check-ups, their conditions can be monitored almost continually and they can be observed and treated in the convenience of their own home.
“The Department of Health believes that at least three million people could benefit from telehealth and telecare services. Society is changing and, over the next ten years, we will see an increasing number of people aged 75 and over who are living with multiple long term health conditions which will have a profound impact on health and social care delivery.”

Led by Firas, CETAL provides education and training in telehealth; it also researches and evaluates telehealth services and takes on bespoke consultancy projects. The Centre has demonstration facilities for technology providers, including the Buckinghamshire Assisted Living Labs centre, based at University Campus Aylesbury Vale, where assistive technology is being exhibited, researched and developed.

“Technology and healthcare need to work side by side to continue to help patients manage their own conditions in a suitable environment,” adds Firas.

“Through academic and industry links, CETAL helps bridge the gap between innovation, research and implementation by bringing together potential users, industry, clinicians and academics. In order to advance skills and raise awareness of telehealth solutions, teaching and learning will need to become more accessible to clinicians, carers and patients.”

Telehealth also plays an important role beyond individual patient care. Firas says: “Through remote monitoring, researchers are able to collect clinical data that is relevant to patients’ physiological and psychological wellbeing. It can also collect data on self-management, lifestyle modification and medicine administration, which can be used to encourage and sustain healthy living.”

To find out more about the work of CETAL at Bucks New University, visit