High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire visits University Campus Aylesbury Vale

The High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, Francesca Skelton, and her husband John have visited University Campus Aylesbury Vale during a tour of educational facilities in the town.

Mrs Skelton was shown around the £16.5 million campus by Ian Harper, Chief Executive of Buckinghamshire Education, Skills & Training (BEST), the partnership between Buckinghamshire New University and Aylesbury College which runs University Campus Aylesbury Vale.

Mrs Skelton’s next stop was at the Buckinghamshire University Technical College (UTC), which is also jointly led by Bucks New University and Aylesbury College, where she met students and staff including newly-appointed Principal Bob Harrison.

The tour ended at Aylesbury College where Mrs Skelton viewed a number of classes and chatted to students alongside College Principal Karen Mitchell. Mr and Mrs. Skelton then enjoyed lunch with all of the day’s hosts at Aylesbury College’s Harding’s Restaurant.

Mrs Skelton said that the visits had been a great experience for her and her husband and commented: “I was so impressed with the new University Campus Aylesbury Vale.

“I applaud this significant partnership between Bucks New University, Aylesbury College and Aylesbury Vale District Council. This inspiring new building transforms the whole area as it opens up the canal and creates an exciting public space.

“Even more importantly, it brings education, training and skills right into the heart of Aylesbury and its economy. Aylesbury now has a powerful offer of the successful Aylesbury College, the new University Technical College and the University Campus all working in positive partnership with business to drive forward the skills of Buckinghamshire.”

Photo: (L-R) Fiona Morey, Deputy Principal for Learning and Quality, Aylesbury College; Bob Harrison, Principal and Chief Executive, Buckinghamshire University Technical College; John Skelton; Francesca Skelton; Karen Mitchell, Principal and Chief Executive of Aylesbury College; and Ian Harper, Chief Executive, University Campus Aylesbury Vale.